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Family Law News is operated by the law firm of Feldstein Family Law Group.

Family law can often be the most painful area of the law to deal with. Not only are you facing emotional strains from trying to sustain a relationship with your children, spouse, or other family members, you may also be dealing with the financial implications of altering your current family structure. Family Law News is intended to assist you in understanding the legal implications of your current family law situation and keep you up to date with current news that can affect your family.


Family Law Newsletter

Donald v. Leyton - Responsible Lifestyles and Ontario Child Custody Law

David Donald of Hamilton, Ontario, and Paola Leyton of Santiago, Chile, were married in Chile in 2002 and moved to Ontario with her mother in 2005. The couple subsequently birthed a child. In 2006, Leyton and her mother took the child out of the Donald-Leyton household and didn't leave an address of where they were staying. Leyton claimed Donald had become an alcoholic and had sexually assaulted them. [Read more.]

Celebrity Divorce

Ask Andrew Column

Question: I have a common law spouse and we shared a home together. The house belonged to her prior to our relationship and title is solely in her name, but I have been living in the home with her for almost four years now. We have separated. Do I have any rights to the house? [Read more.]